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luisa savoia

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Please note - I currently only have availability for online sessions.

about me.

I am UKCP accredited Integrative Psychotherapist based in South East London. I work with adults - individuals and couples. I also hold registered membership with the BACP.

My training has been in Integrative, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, which means while having studied many of the dominant theories across Psychoanalytic (Freud, Klein) Humanistic (Rogers, Gestalt, TA, CBT) and Existential (Spinelli, Van Deurzen) therapeutic approaches, my training has also incorporated a Transpersonal perspective.

I work both in-person at The Practice Rooms, Greenwich and Caya Therapy in Peckham, as well as online to help clients understand and navigate their personal experiences. My aim is to identify attachment styles, patterns of behaviour and defences, with a view to making these parts of oneself conscious. From this point, there is the potential to work creatively, and unearth deeper aspects of the unconscious.

Ultimately, I hope to serve clients in finding their true self, and learn to feel more connected to, and contented with their intrinsic qualities.

You can read a bit more about my perspective, via my articles on Counselling Directory.

integrative psychotherapy.

Integrative psychotherapy is an approach to therapy that combines elements from different therapeutic modalities or schools of thought. Rather than adhering strictly to one theoretical orientation, I draw on various theories, techniques, and interventions to tailor treatment to the unique needs of each individual client.

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, coined the term "individuation" to describe the process of becoming the fullest, most authentic version of oneself. It's a central concept in Jungian psychology, representing the journey toward self-realisation and the integration different aspects of the psyche and our experience. This concept is central to how I work with clients. Therapy can be of great use to those looking to understand themselves better, and take steps towards feeling more aligned with their true being.

I believe that there is no one route in psychotherapy. All spiritual, existential and psychoanalytic paths are valid. I ultimately understand that our lives and actions have meaning. My style of integrative psychotherapy can help individuals explore how things have been for them so far, and understand what may be causing them distress, holding them back, or stopping them feeling content in life. This journey includes exploring our family background, personal beliefs, values, existential concerns, and our imagination.

how does therapy work?

Psychotherapy can feel like a bit of a mystery - and starting it can seem pretty daunting. Here I will outline some of the key things to expect when embarking on a therapeutic journey with me:

  • We will arrange to meet at the same time, every week.

It is really important to set a time and place that works for us both and that we feel secure we can commit to. Therapy is your space for self exploration, and the journey starts with valuing it, and carving out the time every week. There will of course be breaks and holidays. I do not work with new clients on a fortnightly, monthly or ad-hoc basis. This is something we can explore once the relationship is well-established.

  • You will pay me for each session.

Each session must be paid for. This is important, as it shows an understanding of the value in our time together; in the time taken for yourself and your process. My fee per session for individuals is £70.00.

  • We will talk about you - not about me.

This space is about you, and where there are assumptions, questions or projections of me during the therapy session - we can look at them, and consider why they have arisen.

  • We are in relationship.

We are building and developing a relationship together to facilitate transformation and growth. This happens in a number of ways, but the understanding must be that our relationship is real, personal and respectful.

  • Confidentiality and containment.

I abide by the ethical framework of UKCP and keep all client communication and details confidential. We will contract together to ensure our sessions are a safe and secure therapeutic container, in which you, the client, feels comfortable that the work can take place.

where I can help.

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stress & anxiety

We all encounter stress & anxiety in varying forms and manifestations throughout our lives. I work with clients to identify the causes and underlying reasons, as well considering creative strategies and techniques to aid in better mental health care when encountering these states.

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relational difficulty

We cannot deny the importance of relationships in our lives, be that to others - our partners, friends, colleagues and family - or to objects and concepts. How do we relate to our job, to money, to ourselves. I work with clients to ask these questions, and unearth the fascinating answers and ways forward.

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who am I?

Some of us feel completely out of sync with who we are and our purpose the world. Therapy is a fantastic way to find meaning, to discover ones innate qualities, and redefine their world in accordance with who they truly are. By feeling more balanced in oneself, we can exist in the world with more ease, and face challenges more directly.

what I offer.

individual longer-term/ongoing exploration

Primarily, I specialise in long-term psychotherapy, ideal for clients ​seeking deeper self-understanding and exploration of recurring issues, ​behaviours, or patterns. After an initial six sessions, we can agree to ​continue indefinitely, delving into unconscious elements for profound ​insights. This approach addresses various concerns such as depression, ​anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues, fostering self-awareness, ​growth, and enduring transformation through thorough exploration of ​past experiences and internal conflicts.

individual 6-week short term counselling

I offer a six-week short-term counselling contract. After an introductory ​session, we engage in six sessions to address specific challenges and ​establish achievable goals. This approach suits those seeking clarity on ​emerging issues and may extend to longer-term therapy if desired. ​Effective for symptom relief, problem-solving, and enhancing coping ​skills, and particularly beneficial for anxiety, depression, phobias, or ​situational crises.

couples therapy.

In couples therapy, I strive to resolve conflicts, enhance communication, ​and fortify relationships by working with both partners concurrently. We ​target issues causing distress, aiming to improve intimacy, rebuild trust, ​and develop problem-solving skills. Sessions involve exploring emotions ​and fostering negotiation. The amount of sessions required varies based ​on the couple's needs. My current fee per session for couples is ​£45.00, as I am studying towards a specialist PGDip in Couples Therapy.

The first step to starting couples therapy, is to fill out an assessment form ​and email me for availability. We can also have a 15-minute free ​introduction chat if prefered.

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Click on the locations below to see live availability.

The Practice Rooms,

15A Nelson Road,

London SE10 9JB

Caya Therapy

Unit 3.14, Print Village,

58 Chadwick Road,

London SE15 4PU

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Link via Google Meet.

get in touch

The best way to get in touch is by email or by booking an introduction call via Calendly. The introduction call will take place on Google Meet, at your requested time. During this 15-minute call, we can discuss your needs and expectations, and move forward from there.